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        The information security laboratory of school of mathematics and system sciences was founded in 2003. The main goal of this laboratory is to prepare undergraduate students for research.  With high quality undergraduate programs and advanced equipments,  the information security laboratory has become a center for teaching and research.

        Through various experiments, students can acquire a deeper understanding of the information security technology, which paves the way for students' future career in universities or in industry. There are two main experimental platforms for teaching, which are cryptography engineering experimental platform and network security platform.

        The cryptography engineering experimental platform gives students the opportunities to understand the principle and techniques of modern cryptology implementation, such as the design of IC card, digital certificate, mail encryption /decryption. Besides, by implementing of cryptologic algorithms, students' ability to understand and analyze the cryptologic algorithms can be improved. The network security platform, which includes firewall experimental system, IDS experimental system, ARM based leak scanning experimental system, VPN experimental system, is designed to improve students' skills in working with various products of network.